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My Aged Care & Rapport

When we grow up, many of us want to leave your home for adventures far and wide.

As we age, we may want to live in and stay closer to our home

as long as possible for a comfortable satisfying life.

Sounds simple, but we as human beings,

we may experience some physical or mental changes,

that we may need support at home.

It's absolutely fine and OK.

We were born to support each other,

as the time comes to ask for support, we are here.

This is what makes our caring community grow.

We are living in a multicultural country,

we respect your culture as you.

Would you like to have someone who understands

you or your family member's culture to support your life?

Have you been to Japan and appreciate the culture, its diet and quality service?

Would you like help to stay healthy and strong to look after yourself

for as long as is possible?

Then we are here for you.

Do you want to know what we exactly do? 

To find out more, Click HERE

How to Apply My Aged Care?

You can apply My Aged Care from here.

But sometimes it may be difficult to apply on your own

especially if English is your second language.

We can help you!

Contact us NOW how we can support your application for My Aged Care.

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